Know the difference between oily chalk pastels, dry chalk pastels and watercolor pastel chalks

✅Which of these is your favorite?

▪️The difference between oily pastel chalk, dry pastel chalk, and watercolor pastel chalk:

▪️Oily Pastel Chalk: as the name suggests, it has oil in its composition, which makes this material super creamy, allowing for various techniques such as pointillism, sgraffito, impasto, etc.

▪️Dry pastel chalk: very reminiscent of chalkboard chalk, it is softer, the finish is more delicate, it can be blended with your fingers or with a blender and is also great for sketches.

▪️Watercolorable oily pastel chalk can be used in two ways: as a traditional oily chalk or as a watercolor and even after mixing with water it still has bright colors!